If they’re so successful, why are they still working?

I was at an event last week where a few big name entrepreneurs were speaking, including Lord Alan Sugar from the BBC’s The Apprentice.

During one of the breaks, I got chatting to a lovely lady who owned an engineering examination business with her husband.

We were discussing the event when she leant in and said, 

“I’m not sure how much I believe some of these speakers when they talk about their success. If they are that successful, why are they still speaking at events or even working?”

Her question made me think... 

Being British we’re known to be a sceptical bunch, but did having this feeling make her (and probably many others in the audience) less likely to take in the information from the event?

Did it reduce the probability of her taking action and implementing some of the tools we’d learnt or prevent her from zoning in on that essential nugget of info?

It made me ponder about the first time I “retired” a few years back. 

Although it was a great 3 months afterwards, spending loads of time with the family, not needing to be up for any meetings and having some fantastic holidays. After a time I got really bored and was itching to get back to starting and growing a business. I was in my early thirties and I needed a new challenge. 

So that’s what I did… Retirement over! And I’m so very glad I made the choice. 

If you look at truly successful people they are always involved in money making projects. I think it’s fair to say the people I’ve mentioned below don’t need to work, but still choose to work harder than many people I meet…

Tom Cruise, net worth £380 million. Still making films each and every year.

Sir Richard Branson, net worth £3.9 billion. Still investing and being the face of his 400 companies.

Lord Sugar, net worth £1.2 billion. Still appearing on The Apprentice for free (his fee goes to charity) and running his property business.

The list keeps on going… 

I believe that for many people having a purpose, cause or project keeps them happy. If business is your “thing” then you will always be active in business, creating deals or speaking (and selling) from stage. It’s what gives you pleasure.

I’m sure this email will annoy you if you believe that once you have enough money in the bank you will jet off on constant sandy beach holidays, never having to work again, whilst you sip cocktails and gaze into the sunset.

But I wonder if deep down that desire is secretly preventing you from achieving the things you want. After all when is enough really enough?

So, that’s my thought for today, I hope it hit home for you and whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear your feedback. So respond below in the comments and let me know.

P.S. By the way, I’m also very aware that most entrepreneurs also suffer from the deep down fear of losing it all! I know I’ve experienced it and it is probably a huge motivator as well.

Maybe I’ll cover that in a future post… 

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